Helping the Less Fortunate


I don’t know about you but at times I realize that the world can be a better place if we decide to be selfless. Sometimes when you help others, you immediately expect something back which is a selfish thing to do. But what if there is a way to contradict that statement. What if you were to help someone in need and even if there is no reward, you still do it! Have you ever pictured yourself starving and not having enough food? Well hate to break it to you, there are millions of Americans that don’t have access to a sufficient amount of food. Instead of not doing anything and sitting around, I have a solution for you! You can donate money to support my friends and I as we are trying to raise $200 dollars by the end of MAY. We would like to donate to Feeding America which is an organization that helps people who need food and are struggling financially to purchase food! Please try to make the world a better place and help the less fortunate! If you would like to donate click on the blue words and click on the link! 🙂 Any help is greatly appreciated.



Finding Myself

Every moment I experience passes by instantaneously. The most difficult part for me is finding who I really am. I live in a world full of lies which makes it that much harder to be true to myself. People tend to bring me down in some of the trials I face in life. I find it easier to be more content with encouraging situations that have the ability to make me stress free. I constantly worry too much about how people perceive and think about me. When in reality, I shouldn’t be worrying about other people’s opinions that often lead to gossip. I recommend reading The Great Gatsby because it starts off as a novel about rumors leading to the destruction of relationships. There are some characters in the novel who choose to ignore the gossip while others seem to have a care about lies being spread around. Having a secure support system has gone a long way. I am able to rely on people I can trust. It is important to have the ability to ignore and avoid certain people in my life. For example, there are some people who don’t approve of me dancing. I try to put their opinions away by telling myself that I am doing and being the best I can. The main character in The Great Gatsby is able to be himself and not care about other people’s opinions(rumors about his “engagement”). Recently I have been trying to not think about others, but instead put myself first. Staying positive has really helped me in life. Even with all the AP tests I study for and the numerous hours I practice for dance, I somehow manage to get by thinking about myself. This helps since thinking about other opinions wastes time. I am more successful when thinking about the positive in life. It is time for me to not be negative anymore. It is a challenge to stay positive, but I try my best since it is good for my well-being. Now it is your turn to find yourself and write your own story without other opinions. Opinions don’t matter in the end as long as you are happy with yourself. I am proud and happy to say that I am able to be MYSELF!


What’s the use of worrying…

Hey! I really enjoyed reading this blog about this certain topic. We constantly worry about the little things in life, but I think it is important to just relax and try not to ruin yourself with stress. I completely agree that there is no use in worrying about the future since it is unknown. You achieve nothing when you worry. I constantly struggle with trying not to worry about my life. Instead I should probably not care about what others think and just be the person that I am. Anything in this world can cause people to worry, but try this one time to not care about the future and what others think. LIVE YOUR LIFE AND DON”T WORRY!

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worry baby - unknown

(photographer unknown – but a lovely picture I couldn’t resist…)

I’ve been reminded this week about the fragility of life and how it can change in just a single moment. We often spend our time planning for the future – all the things we will do when we have more time, more money, better health, have lost weight etc. etc. etc. And then we spend even more time worrying about what may or may not happen – the ‘what if’ syndrome….  Then there’s the time we spend worrying about what happened yesterday, last week, last year….

Ask yourself how much of your time you are spending planning the future and then worrying about it, or worrying about something you did or said yesterday?

We read the following poem (unknown poet) at my mum’s funeral – it was one of her favourites and she had it stuck on the back of…

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High School in My Opinion

I am currently a junior in high school and I go to the school campus 5 days a week, Monday to Friday. I feel as if I get drowned in numerous assignments that end up being somewhat pointless. Homework is basically my life other than the extracurricular activity I do which is dance. But other than the struggles I go through and the difficult times I endure, I love having the opportunity to attend a high school. All the experiences and lessons I learn all accumulate until the day I graduate from the high school. For instance, my character and the person who I am develops throughout the fours years of high school. I used to be a shy girl but now I am now considered to be annoying and obnoxious. But I am glad that I grew out of my shell and my fellow classmates helped me with that! Dance has allowed me to bond with other high school students who have the same passion as me. I am able to build relationships with new people everyday by just simply talking to them. High school is a place with numerous opportunities!

I think that high school could improve by giving out less homework. Homework makes the aspect of learning less enjoyable. But with all the homework assigned, I just tell myself that everything a teacher gives should be somewhat possible to finish. I also try to think about the benefits of homework which is a positive outlook of the piled assignments. Yes it may be difficult at times to finish homework since it requires a lot of hard work but I try to not give up. Truly even with all the homework, I love the aspect of learning. I think learning is a way for people to become educated and make something of themselves. Everyone(including me) can learn from mistakes just how they can learn from high school!

High school has lot of benefits and I believe that it is worth it to wake up early in the morning and stay up late five days a week.



Running Out of Time?

It is difficult for me to not dwell on past mistakes and to move on in life. I have a constant feeling that I am somewhat a failure in life. It isn’t something you want to experience, but it is easier to blame someone[yourself] rather than nothing. Have you ever felt this way in life?

I think that it is normal to put yourself down since your biggest enemy is technically yourself. For instance, my church friends try to make me feel more optimistic by giving me compliments. It can be a simple comment such as “You look nice today!” or “You look pretty today!” that is supposed to put a little joy in my life. But as usual, there is a eminent conscience in the back of my mind saying that “I look hideous and bad today.” It is hard to think that I don’t resemble a failure in life since it has been a daily habit.

I think it is important to overcome all the negativity that comes to you in life no matter what it is. There are times in my life when I feel like a success instead of a failure. For example, when I end up doing something I love and I accomplish a goal it makes me feel as if I am unstoppable. If you ask anyone who knows me very well, they would say that I am “a very energetic, fun, and loving person. That’s just how she is.” Sometimes it is hard to pretend that there is nothing wrong with me. I can be the one who breaks down randomly at times when the situation is too much for me to handle. I noticed that when I dance and compete in competition, I am able to forget all of my “failures” and negative thoughts. Even though the happiness and the feeling of confidence only lasts for a couple of hours, it is a reminder to me that I can get through life without being negative all the time.

color pencils
With that being said, there has to be a solution or some kind of remedy that will lead our lives into positivity. It is not my usual natural instinct to want to ignore society and become numb

. Also to not care about what I do and how society judges me. Instead, I usually compare myself to others and think that I am good enough.I think that it is time to be myself and show people the real me. It can be difficult to not worry about what others think, but it is a matter if I[you] am the one who is in acceptance of myself[yourself].

Does Slavery Still Exist?

I used to think slavery only referred to the one that existed in the United States of America during the 18th and 19th centuries. I didn’t realize how the majority of the materialistic items we own are built and manufactured by slaves. Slavery can even be seen as the laborers from Thailand who are peeling numerous amounts of shrimp. It is surprising to see how the slave laborers from Thailand are not associated with their names, but rather numbers. “Tin Nyo Win was No 31” and he is still a participant of the pervasive human trafficking in Thailand. Thailand is “one of the world’s biggest shrimp providers” and this is only true because they accomplish this goal in an inhumane way.

The answer to the question of my blog is sadly yes. Even though it was said that slavery is put in the past, it is even more present today. There are many instances where people are forced to do labor. The slave laborers from Thailand receive threats if they do not get up in time to start the tedious work of peeling shrimp. “They heard a kick on the door” which basically resembles the start of their horrendous work. Yes I know I am talking about slavery in Thailand, but it does exist in the United States of America as well. The human trafficking in the United States is somewhat an “invisible crime.” You may not notice, but human trafficking is still prevalent today.

There are similarities in that human trafficking is similar to the enslavement of all African Americans. “[Slaves] [had] no accurate knowledge of [their] age” and this was usually the case since it would somewhat make the slaves feel subservient to their master. This is just like how the laborers in Thailand are not addressed by their names but instead are addressed by numbers that give no significance. African American slaves would wake up to the sound of a horn instead of it being a kick on the door. “All [had to] rise(wake up)” even though they were tired. The laborers in Thailand wake up to the sound of a kick on the door at 2 in the morning.

It is important to not take the life you have for granted. For instance, there are and were many times in my life in which I would complain about my difficulties in life. I didn’t realize that there were many others who are going through worse situations.

Stressed Out

Sometimes I find it difficult to have a voice in the scary, intimidating world. It is the times where I find myself trying to fit in with the norm. I don’t enjoy doing that. I would rather be my own person with my own set of ideals.

At times, I realize that it isn’t a tremendous challenge to have a voice. Recently at my dance practice, I noticed the new speakers in the room where I practice. I was able to hear the beat and intricate sound of the music. It was almost as if it was trying to show me that everyone in the world has a particular voice and there is nothing wrong with being different. It can come to the point where I am completely stressed out about the way I look and I care too much about appearance.

Living this way is not ideal for me. I have a tendency to bring myself down if I start to compare with other people. I know that the only way to accept the way I am is if I just don’t care about other opinions. Appearance is not the only thing that I am stressed out about. I have too much on my mind especially when it comes to education. I always try to strive to get the best grades, but I realize that grades don’t define who I am. Grades are just simplistic numbers and it doesn’t matter to me if they aren’t all As. I feel that as a student the amount of stress I feel every single day builds up to the point where I have breakdowns. I wish I could go back in time to when I was an elementary kid and didn’t have to worry as much about my future.



The future is a time period that I am not looking forward to since becoming older is similar to becoming more stressed out. Right now I am stressed out. I don’t have any desire to be stressed out. I realized I am stressed out. It is significant to write it, but has another meaning when you admit to being stressed out. Just like the speaker, allow yourself to be not as stressed out-following others in society. Have a different, unique voice in society. DON’T BE STRESSED OUT(WORRIED).


Don’t Give Up

I find it hard sometimes to not be content with my life. I have a tendency to give up at crucial times. For example, when I am dancing with the music on, I have no problem with the confidence of my movements. But as soon as the music stops and I am asked to do it in front of others without the music that is when I freeze as if I were a deer in the headlights. I realized that it is during times like these that I have to take note that stepping out of my circle can be beneficial to life. There is a light at the end of the dark tunnel no matter what I go through. During the nights when I stay up to study for my AP classes, I tell myself that giving up is not an option.

Last December, my brother came home from a rehabilitation center that solely focused on drug and alcohol addiction. I was really happy when he came home drug free and his life started to change. I could tell from his actions that the rehab center helped him a lot. Before when my brother was an addict, I would tell myself that there is no hope for my brother to get rid of his addiction. But soon enough, I realized that I had to be encouraging and uplifting towards the sometimes negative events in life and to just move along(go with the flow of how events play out). I decided to not give up hope on my brother. There is more to say, but I guess you will have to wait until I decide to share more. If you were in my situation, would you have given up or would you have persevered?


Confidence is Key


I struggle with this because I feel like people judge me in whatever I do.

One activity I enjoy doing is dancing because it allows me get my anger and stress out it is sort of  like a venting session. I am able to allow myself to feel proud of how far I have come. If I look back at freshman year, I have grown a lot as a dancer and improved my character as well. I am able to be more confident in my dance moves as I start to believe in myself. I realized that I always try to bring myself down even though I don’t want to, it is somewhat of a bad habit. When in reality, I should start believing that anything is possible and it can all be accomplished. So today, I try to stop myself before thinking negative thoughts. 

Dance has and will always be a part of my life. It is the time of day when I feel happiness for doing something I enjoy. I love the feeling and rush I get when dancing. Dancing is a way to express all the stress I feel and put it into different, intricate movements. Especially when there is a competition, I love walking off the stage feeling like the ruler of the world. It is truly amazing how I was able to stay positive. To me, winning is not the most important goal to be met. Sure getting a medal seems like the ideal situation, but the place the judges give me and my dance team doesn’t really matter. As long as I feel as if I did my best, I am in a consistent state of happiness. 

I am glad I decided to try something new. Every year I learn something new. I push myself to work harder when dancing and conditioning(exercise). It is important to have good endurance capability. Dance isn’t all about the skill, rather the amount of confidence one has. I am proud to say that I have gained enough confidence over the years to believe in myself and not care about other people’s opinions. If they don’t appreciate my dancing, then they shouldn’t even be in my life. Confidence can take you to many places and successes just as it did to me. 

Where Does Change Start?

Many times you may wonder how is it that changing the world starts by a single person or action. The logic is quite simple since one person can start a chain reaction. If you see a person recycle a water bottle, you may have the urge to do so yourself. I know I feel guilty when others around me are recycling and trying to make the world a better place when I am not caring about the situation. So now every time I see a person recycling water bottles, I end up doing the same.

Recycle sign

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